Ferrari F40 OZ mini-transkit scale 1/8

This kit is intended for those, who do not want to spend the time (and money) for the full OZ-Transkit. Besides a number of important parts for the bodywork (i. e. front- and rear grille, wiper or Ferrari character) our CNC-machined OZ-wheels are included, together with the central locking hubs and brake rotors made of metal. If you want, this is a real little transkit.

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turned and casted parts, bolts and rivets

OEinZusammen mit der Platineztogether with the photoetched platine this is a real transkit ...

what do I get?

  • 4 CNC-machined wheels from aluminium

  • 4 CNC-fabricated, fine threaded hubs, steel

  • 4 adaptors for brake rotors, white metal

  • 4 wheel nuts with fine thread, casted in white brass

  • 20 brass sleeves

  • 100 rivets (copper), 20 hexagonal bolts M1 width 1,5 mm

  • 1 platine mit photoetched parts (see picture)

  • 4 distance rings in brake rotors (white metal)

  • 1 sheet with decals (see above)

  • instruction printed in colour

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Our instructions (in english) give you detailed methods for every building step, together with general advices and part-attachments.

click for a large image (german version)

price Autograph F40 OZ mini transkit 1/8:

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