Ferrari F40 Speedline mini-transkit scale 1/8

Our first transkit for the Pocher F40 had this wheels, which can be found on the series F40 Ferrari. Indeed they were still without the central locking hubs, which we introduced with the OZ-transkit. Now we reissue the Speedline wheels again, together with the new hubs and our metal brake rotors. The kit is completed with some parts for the bodywork, for example front and rear grille, wiper and Ferrari character. If you want, this is a real transkit ...

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turned and casted parts, bolts and rivets

OEinZusammen mit der Platinezspeedline wheelspeedline wheel of the series F40 with white-metal parts

what do I get?

  • 4 CNC-turned rims from aluminium

  • 4 wheel-stars, casted in white metal

  • 4 CNC-fabricated hubs, steel

  • 4 adaptors for brake rotors, white metal

  • 4 wheel nuts with fine thread, casted in white brass

  • 20 brass sleeves

  • 100 rivets (copper), 20 hexagonal bolts M1 width 1,5 mm

  • 1 platine mit photoetched parts (see picture)

  • 4 distance rings in brake rotors (white metal)

  • instruction printed in colour

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The kit comes in a beautiful crafted wooden box!


Our instruction gives you detailed methods for every building step, together with all part-attachments.

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