Ferrari 250 GTO - Transkit 4293 GT - Le Mans 1963

Le Mans 1963 - # 4293 GT (Moity-Teissedre-Bienvenu, 24 heures du Mans page 12)

A bit of history: Back to the year 1963, to the 24 hours of Le Mans: After the enormous success of Ferraris GTOs in the previous year it applies to fulfill high expectations. And this succeeds! Same results as one year before: Victory in the GT class and 2nd place overall, this time for the starting number 24, the GTO 4293 GT with the drivers Jean Blaton / Gerard Langlois van Ophem. In 24 hours the pilots make 4349.11 kilometers back. This corresponds to an average speed of 181,05 km/h.

pictures of the kit

Decals: The Decals for this Transkit have been produced by the most well-known and best printing company on the scene. Accordingly high is the quality!

pictures of the built model

250 GTO transkit
4293 GT Le Mans 1963 # 24 - 1/12


Revell basis modell
Borrani wheelset 1/12

GTO #3705 Le Mans 62
GTO #3757 Le Mans 62

GTO engine kit 1/12
GTO #4153 Le Mans 63

GTO #5111 TdF 63
GTO #4153 TdF 64

GTO-photos for reference