Ferrari 250 GTO - Transkit 5111 GT - Tour de France 1963

Tour de France 1963 - # 5111 GT (Bluemel-Pourret, Ferrari 250 GTO page 133)

A bit of history: The "Tour de France d'Automobile" is in the 50's and the 60's the long-distance-rallye in Europe - with accordingly high-quality starter fields. All large sportscar manufacturers are represented, and in the year 1963 again a Ferrari snatches victory: The GTO with the chassis number 5111 GT, driven by Jean Guichet with his copilot Jose Behra. The car carries the starting number 165 and the Italian registration number 96520 MO and looks still rather fresh at the end of the route - compared to some of its rivals!

pictures of the kit

Decals: The Decals for this Transkit have been produced by the most well-known and best printing company on the scene. Accordingly high is the quality!

pictures of the ready built model

250 GTO transkit
5111 GT TdF 1963 # 165 - 1/12


Revell basis modell
Borrani wheelset 1/12

GTO #3705 Le Mans 62
GTO #3757 Le Mans 62

GTO #4293 Le Mans 62
GTO #4153 Le Mans 63

GTO engine kit 1/12
GTO #4153 TdF 64

GTO-photos for reference