Autograph Decalset for 1/8 Rosso Ferrari 643 WRX

You own one of those ultra-rare 1/8 Rosso Formula One Ferrari 643 kits? Still unstarted in the Box? Not that I particularly want to alarm you, but you will one day find out, that the original decals supplied by Rosso no longer could be used: The waterslide-decals are in the meantime so hardened that they immediately crumble if they get in touch with . And the (ugly) stickers no longer will hold on the base - they will fall off! Or do you have a perfect built model in your vitrine, which throws all its stickers? Marlboro advertising is also missing? No fear - we have the solution!

Here are new waterslide-decals for the Rosso 643 in 1/8. Printed in Italy by one of the world's leading decal companies. None of the domestic ink-jet printed stickers, which are often advertised on ebay, but perfect waterslide-decals in perfect quality.

The accuracy of the print and the originality of the motives far exceed what was delivered by Rosso itself. Besides all the motifs that are included in the standard Rosso kit, the set also includes all the decals of the Rosso Grade Up Parts Set, plus many more decals, which we were missing from the Rosso kit, such as a complete set of all the patches on the overalls of drivers! Of course we also did not forget the Marlboro sponsor stickers!


You will receive each one of these sheets twice (6 in total)!

Download the description (Adobe PDF) here!

Download the description (Adobe PDF) here!

Click on one of the pictures for downloading the description (Adobe PDF)

Decalset Rosso 643 WRX 1/8


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Rosso 643 Grade up parts set

Rosso 643 WRX Bausatz