Arno Hydroplane Ferrari engine

My friends Stefano and Giovanni of L & P are in the lucky situation to know the owner of the Arno hydroplane. Thus it does not surprise that they decided for the production of a complete transkit for this unusual speedboat. The first stage of this TK is now finished: the engine.

I held this model in hands, and I can insure you: That is genuine Heavy Metal! The engine is completely manufactured from white metal cast parts. The surface is not painted - it shines in a fantastic metal finish! The whole thing is completed with a set of photo etched parts, screws and turned parts. There is not only one plastic part - despite from the lines and cables.

The construction is a complete self-development: All parts were sketched and designed from original drawings and/or photos. An absolutely authentic kit. Please regard the wonderful, chromium-plated metal parts! The kit is supplied with 4 stands made of metal. The red framework, which you see in these photos, is a soldered prototype, from brass. Stefano says that he cannot offer the framework at this time, because all test parts broke down under the load of the engine. For the complete Transkit however there will be a solution.

My customer Dr. Gerd Winkelmann has supplied me with photos of his ARNO-hydroplane engine!! Here is the gallery ...

Zur ARNO-Motor-Galerie von Dr. Gerd Winkelmann ...

Pictures (ready built model)

pictures of the prototype, without the chromium-plated metal parts

photos of the kit

The kit consists of:

price Arno Ferrari
Hydroplane engine
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