Ferrari F300 M 1/8 by Amalgam

I am completely pleased, that I can present you this unique model:
Ferrari F300 of 1998, Canada Grand Prix Montreal, driver Michael Schumacher. Normally the ultra rare models of this company (edition between 30 and 50 pieces) come not at all into the trade, but go to the teams, to sponsors or the drivers. But we were lucky and could acquire an example of this particular series, which has been sold out for years. Manufacturer is the renowned company Amalgam, which co-operates closely with the F1-Teams during the conception of its models. So the Englishmen receive often original documents already with the presentation of a racing car, like designs or 3D-computer models. Sometimes amalgam uses also the same suppliers as the teams, e.g. during the Decal production. Read more on the side of the manufacturer:

This model does not have any hoods, which can be opened, and therefore also no engine details. All represented components are however perfectly in detail and reality-faithfully shown. However the steering wheel with its buttons and levers is a small work of art. Materials for the parts are Resine, white metal casting or rubber. The car is in perfect condition without dents or scratches and comes installed on a sturdy wooden plate with vehicle identification plate and a plexiglass hood as dust shield.

pictures of the model

Price Ferrari F300 Amalgam
Canadian Grand Prix 1998
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Bausätze und Transkits 1/8
Bausätze und Transkits 1/12


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