Jaguar C-Type project 1/8

One of my favorite cars ever! Wonderful lines, almost erotic shapes and a backside ... olala. After I stumbled quite by accident on an old Jaguar drawing, one thing was clear for me: I must build this car - completely, on a scale of 1 / 8, with all that implies. Actually you shouldn't start the next job until the current one is completed. But that's how it was: I could not resist until at least the first drafts of the frame were ready. Then here's an etched part, there's a frame tube ... and before you know it, you're in the middle of a new project that we have not really wanted to start.

No matter: Now the engine is almost finished, and the license with Jaguar is brought on the road. Currently that means to provide the model with high-pressure to the finish. Until then you can receive at this point new informations and pictures:

Jaguar C-Type superdetailed engine kit:

The XK engine of the 51er Le Mans-winning car is ready: In principle, this corresponds to the motor of the XK 120 sports car of 1948: 3.5 liters, 6 cylinders in line, two relatively small SU carburetors, four-speed gearbox. However, it differs already in the externals to the XK-Series Engine: The two-piece oil pan has a higher capacity, the exhaust manifolds are designed streamlined, the gearbox has a shorter neck and there is, as usual with racing cars, no cooling fan.

We have rebuilt this XK engine to the smallest detail: The housing parts are assembled essentially as in the large model, there is a multi-piece oil pan, and all body parts are put together with small hex screws. We have miniaturized the SU carburettors perfectly with their characteristic throttle bodies, and we even have not forgotten the flywheel in the bellhousing, barely visible from the outside. The detailing extends so far, that we have reproduced the acorn nuts, that adorn the cylinder head cover in two sizes. All forms of available acorn nuts in the market did not match with the shape Jaguar used for its engines. So we had to design our own!

The instructions for the engine kit will be put online from time to time now in the
"download-section" of our website. I can not say anything yet on the expected prices at the moment, only when all components are assembled it will be calculated. Of course we will try to keep the price as low as possible. But the production in Germany has its price. And for this model, with very few exceptions, all the components are manufactured in Germany or central Europe .

The following pictures show the main ingredients from my model kit of the XK Le Mans 1951engine.

1. White metal parts:

55 precisely cast white metal parts (WM1 to WM55):
White metal parts Autograph Jaguar C-Type Motor 1951

2. Brass and German silver cast parts:

3. Photoetched parts - platines M, N and O:

4. Various parts, nuts and bolts:

5. Instructions for download:
Download your
instructions as a PDF-file here ...