Autograph New Hardware Superdetail Kit 1/8

Have a look at the picture above: What makes this (not yet ready-built) model of a Ferrari-12-cylinder look so realistic? Right, the many little details, mainly the screws. Note the steering arm mounting at left - this is a combination of a watchmaker screw with a brass nut - just glue the nut onto the upside-down mounted screw. Doesn't it look like everything has been bolted nicely together - nut, bolt and a washer between. How do you like our hoseclamps? By the way: they are also included in our full transkit and the engine kit. Effect guaranteed! But look yourself!

All hexagonal nuts and bolts now in Stainless Steel!


(c) Katsuhiro Muramatsu

Download the instructions (PDF)

Autograph New Hardware Superdetail Kit 1/8


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