Borrani wire-wheelkit scale 1/12 from Autograph

A friend of me once said: " ... the wheels are the eyes of a car... " - I can only agree to that. Since this time I always begin a new model with the wheels. Only if this work is done, I dedicate myself to the remaining components, like body and engine or interior equipment.

It is the same in this case: The Borrani wire wheels form the first subrange of the GTO transkit. Traditionally these filigree works of art were installed on all early Ferraris. Only the introduction of the cast alloy wheels in the end of the 60's terminated this era. Today these expensive wheels are being produced again in the proximity of Milan and mounted on all classical Ferraris.

Interesting is the fact, that in the 50's and 60's all racing cars were sent into the races with painted spoke wheels - not with polished and/or chromium-plated ones. Chromium-plated spokes were considered as very break-endangered, because chrome embrittles the material. Therefore they were not permitted in motor racing.

This is included in the kit:

Required tools

If you already threw a view into the building instructions for this wheel set, then you should not be deterred please: The assembly of the wire wheels looks more difficult, than it is! I admit, It is a bit of work, but if you have some experience in model making, I guarantee you enormous fun when assembling! Thanks to our milled centering tool, the photoetched templates and the gradual building guidance you can actually make nothing wrong. And you will be extremely satisfied with yourself, when you have finished the spoking work! These tools should be available for your work:

photos of the Borrani wheelset - with the perfect Dunlop Racing tyres

Autograph Borrani-wheelkit
(in wooden case)
for the Revell 250 GTO scale 1/12
(without the rubber tires - use the very good tyres of

the Revell basis model):

Autograph Borrani-wheelkit
(in wooden case)
for other car models in scale 1/12
(with Dunlop Racing rubber tires - this will lead to a complete

wire wheel set for many classic cars in scale 1/12):


Revell basis modell
Borrani wheelset 1/12

GTO #3705 Le Mans 62
GTO #3757 Le Mans 62

GTO #4293 Le Mans 62
GTO #4153 Le Mans 63

GTO #5111 TdF 63
GTO #4153 TdF 64

GTO-photos for reference