Ferrari 250 GTO engine kit 1/12

These are the latest pictures of my 250 GTO engine - now with the long awaited fuel line in chromed brass, which cause me so many headaches because of its uncalculated shrink during casting process. But now I have all the parts together, and the kit will go into sale within may. Regarding the price I am not able to give any information - but the calculation will be finished within the next few days.

We have posted here the pages of our 250 GTO engine instructions, which can be downloaded as PDF-files. Just clilck on the pages of the instructions to be directed to our Download page and get the related ADOBE PDF file with many pictures. (You will need ADOBE Acrobat Reader to see or print the pages.)

Download instructions (see download page for latest updates):

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Pages with current versions of our instructions in PDF-form for download

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250 GTO engine
kit in scale 1/12:


Borrani wheelkit 1/12
Revell base modell

GTO #3705 Le Mans 62
GTO #3757 Le Mans 62

GTO #4293 Le Mans 63
GTO #4153 Le Mans 63

GTO #5111 TdF 63
GTO #4153 TdF 64

GTO-photos for reference