Ferrari 250 GTO basis-model from Revell Germany:

Sebring 1963 - # 3987 GT (Bluemel-Pourret, Ferrari 250 GTO p. 72)

The first GTO model from Revell came on the market in 1993, initially in red. The GTO of Nick Mason (# 3757 GT) had been taken for the construction of the car, and therefore some the following GTO series also had an appropriate note stamped on the underside. Further color variants were besides red also green and yellow, and at last blue.

According to informations from Revell Germany (many thanks) the following amounts of the various colour-schemes have been produced:

Sales of these models occured world-wide, but 70 - 80 % of the production stayed in Europe.

So in total there have been more than 30000 GTOs produced by Revell. If you plan to complete one model with our transkit, and you do not want to buy the blue variant that we have to sell, it is likely that you find a different coloured model second hand.

The special blue variant is the chassis number 3987 GT, the car that you see here on this page. It participated in the 12-hour race of Sebring in 1963 with starting number 24 and won under Penske/Pabst in its class. Lacquer finish, printing and stickers are correct and perfectly implemented with this model variant - even one did not forget the auxiliary headlight on the nose or the position lamps on the roof. Nevertheless the blue color will probably not meet everyones taste.

We bought up the last 400 models of this blue GTO, to avoid similar problems, as they occur at the moment with the Ferrari F40 from Pocher. A perfect transkit does not make sense to our customers, if the basis models only could be obtained at horrible prices. So do not make panic purchases - you can likewise get the basis model together with the Transkits at a reasonable price from us. Since we advise to completely paint the model anyway, the blue color of the Revell GTO represents no problem according to our opinion. If you do not think that you are capable to change the lacquer finish yourself, just bring the car into an automotive paint shop! There somebody can surely help you.

Photos of the Revell-GTO, equipped with our Borrani-wheelset:

250 GTO basis-model
from Revell in scale 1/12


Borrani wheelkit 1/12
GTO engine kit 1/12

GTO #3705 Le Mans 62
GTO #3757 Le Mans 62

GTO #4293 Le Mans 62
GTO #4153 Le Mans 63

GTO #5111 TdF 63
GTO #4153 TdF 64

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