Ferrari 375 Mille Miglia Motor in 1/12 from Creative Miniature Associates CMA

Marshall Buck from Creative Miniature Associates is probably one of the most profiled model makers in the world and surely under the best in the USA. The comments of his customers on its website sound like the “Who is Who• of the motorsport. Accordingly perfect are his models. Usually he makes one-off-pieces or mini series, mostly for wealthy collectors.

Therefore we are pleased to be able to present you a completely special kit of this company: Ferrari 375 V12 “Lamplredi• in scale 1/12. Please consider: We have only very few kits available. The producton was limited to 150 kits and 50 finished models, which are totally sold out at CMA in the USA themselves. So you have to act fast and save yours today!

Photos of the built model

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Informations about the kit:

The kit is a typical “Multi Media kit•, which combines most diverse materials. The crankshaft housing from Resine consists only of a few parts, the enormous detail is formed mainly by the many attachments of metal parts. To emphasize particularly are the individually turned screws and nuts/bolts from aluminum. The English building instructions is step by step developed and very clear, with many additional references concerning glue, paints and additional material…

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Engine kit

CMA 375 Mille Miglia 1/12