You would like to be prepared accordingly for the building of a model? You look for background knowledge and good photos of your designate project? In order to give you a (nearly essential) basis for the building of the model, I would like to make different book recommendations here. Of course these are without warranty regarding content and completeness. The comments are my own personal opinions. I "borrowed" some of the photos of these books for reference, if it has been helpful for better clearness. But in any case we tell the source of the regarding picture. Naturally such a picture on the screen can not compete with the first class printed images of the mentioned books. Therefore we strongly recommend buying the following books:

Ferrari 250 GTO

Ferrari 250 GTO from Keith Bluemel and Jess Pourret

192 Pages
Bay View Books Ltd; ISBN: 1901432157

English. Absolutely recommended with its many colour pictures and an extensive history of every car produced.

Ferrari 250 GTO from Keith Bluemel and Jess Pourret

192 Pages
Bay View Books Ltd; ISBN: 2-7268-8410-5

French Version of the book mentioned above. Interesting alternative for french speaking fans.

Ferrari au Mans from Dominique Pascal

172 pages

E. P. A. Editions Presse Audiovisuel, ISBN: 2-85120-221-9

French. Chronologic listing of all Ferraris ever raced at Le Mans.

Ferrari 250 GT Competition from Jess G. Pourret

172 pages
Motorbuch Verlag Stuttgart, ISBN: 3-613-01084-4

German. Very detailed work about all Ferrari 250 GT vehicles, among other cars also about the GTO. Title of the French expenditure: La Legende Ferrari 250 Competition, E. P. A. edition press Audiovisuel, France.

24 Heures du Mans 1923 - 1992 from Christian Moity/Jean-Marc Teissedre/Alain Bienvenu

2 books with 368 pages each
Editions d'art J. P. Barthelemy ISBN: 2-909 413-06-3

French. Lists all individual cars that ever have been driven at Le Mans, from 1923 to 1992! Only historic photos, many of them in colour. Tremendous work!

Ferrari 250 GTO from Doug Nye and Piero Carrieri

112 pages
Cavalleria S. A. 1996 ISBN: 3-905268-13-2

Italian/english/french. History with many race pictures, exact description of chassis No. 3869 GT in georgous, large-sized colour-photos.Very exclusive!

Ferrari 250 GTO from Alan Lis

144 pages
Heel Verlag Königswinter 1993 ISBN: 3-89365

German. Exclusively historic race pictures, many of them in colour. Besides that, driver statements, anekdotes, rivals. Very recommended for its authenticity. English original edition 1990, Haynes Publishing, Yeovil, England

Bis ans Limit from Nick Mason and Mark Hales

178 pages
S & L Medienkontor Hamburg ISBN: 3-931962-89-X

German. Presents the collection of Pink Floyd Drummer Nick Mason. Included: Ferrari GTO (3757GT). Good to read, very humorous comments! And: A professionell produced CD with the sounds of all the race cars of the collection! Hear the 12-cylinder sound in full stereo. A must for all collectors of literature to the race car/ Ferrari theme. English original edition:1998 Ten Tenths Ltd London England.

Ferrari 250 Gran Turismo from Nicola Cutrera

166 pages
Heel Verlag Königswinter 1992 ISBN: 3-89365

German. Describes a number of 250 GT sports cars in beautiful, large-sized photos. Absolute picture quality! Amongst others also GTO # 4115 GT. English edition 1990 Hyde Park Books Ltd London England.

Ferrari Le Stradali from Sergio Massaro and Giancarlo Reggiani

288 pages
EDIAUTO Guidizzolo Italy 1992 - No ISBN number found!

Italian. All Ferrari-street cars until 1992. Very good photos in quality, interesting pictures of car-details. Amongst others: GTO No. 3223 GT. Top Quality!

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